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310 Billingsly Court
Franklin, TN 37067 United States



April 9


6:00 am - 7:30 pm


Attend this seminar and learn about:

  • Calculating the value of your estate

  • Benefits of estate conservation

  • Intestacy and how it affects estate distribution

  • Probate and how to potentially avoid it

  • Current federal estate tax provisions

  • Strategies that could help reduce taxes

  • How to finalize your last wishes

  • Step up in basis rules on inherited assets versus carryover basis rules on gifts

  • Estate distribution techniques, including wills, trusts, and charitable giving

Why you should attend this seminar:

Like many people, you may hope to leave a substantial legacy for your loved ones and charitable causes. But without proper planning and the appropriate financial strategies, you may not be able to protect your assets from probate and other unintended consequences. As a result, your estate may be settled in ways you did not intend.

When you attend the workshop, you will receive a full-color, 20-page workbook on estate planning. This resource is filled with essential information, exercises, and questions that may help you assess your current situation and develop a strategy that may help preserve your assets. Perhaps best of all, you’ll be eligible for the complimentary consultation offered to all workshop participants.

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